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Circumventing Firewalls

What do cute cats have to do with web circumvention? Despite the attempts to block Facebook and other web content in Vietnam, millions of Vietnamese are still accessing the internet. What are the tools for circumvention and how can we help netizens stay ahead of the censors?
Speakers: Bobby Soriano, Sebastian Hahn, Angelina Trang Huỳnh
Moderator: Nguyễn Quốc Trinh

Bobby Soriano
Bobby has 15 years of systems and network administration experience. He has worked with numerous NGOs implementing information and computer related pro- jects. He is also an information and communications technology trainer. His recent work includes computer and online trainings for conferences and organisations in Asia, Africa and some countries in Europe. He is also involved in projects on the use of mobile technologies for advocacy.

Sebastian Hahn
Sebastian Hahn has been volunteering for The Tor Project since early 2008. After participating in Google’s Summer of Code program in 2008 and 2009, he has become a core contributor to Tor’s codebase as well as several other projects in the Tor microcosmos such as Vidalia, libevent, and many smaller tools. He is also active as a trainer and speaker at conferences such as SOURCE or the MRMCD workshop series. When not working on Tor Sebastian is a physics graduate stu- dent at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg, Germany.

Angelina Trang Huỳnh
Angelina Trang Huynh is a co-founder and editor-in-chief for www.nofirewall.blogs-, a digital security and circumvention portal for Vietnamese internet users. Within months of the launch, No Firewall blog attracted over 100,000 hits, with the majority of traffic from Vietnam. Trang works with Viet Tan’s technical team to advise bloggers on digital security issues. Trang holds a Masters degree in Economics and Business Administration. She is a long-time member of Viet Tan, a pro-democracy party, promoting democratic change in Vietnam through peaceful means. Trang directs Viet Tan’s efforts to promote Internet Freedom through training of digital activists, dissemination of circumvention tools, and international advocacy. She has successfully lead the lobbying for a US Congressional resolu- tion (H.Res.672) supporting Internet Freedom in Vietnam. Trang also works with international NGOs to translate and localize circumvention tools to fit the needs of Vietnamese netizens.

Nguyễn Quốc Trinh
Trinh Nguyen is an organizer for Viet Tan, a pro-democracy party with active mem- bers in Vietnam and around the world. She directs its social media efforts and liaises with international NGOs for multiple human rights campaigns. She is an editor for, a digital security and circumvention portal for Vietna- mese netizens. Born in Vietnam, Trinh grew up in Texas and spent her collegiate years buried under snow on the East Coast of the US, learning how to make bánh cuốn and geeking out on social media. She previously worked in Taiwan assisting victims of human trafficking and in Boston, Massachusetts as a legal advocate for a domestic violence shelter.