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Charity 2.0

With disadvantaged Vietnamese populations facing so many needs, how can humanitarian groups make the most impact? Hear first-hand from leaders of charity organizations improving lives on the ground. Workshop will be conducted in Vietnamese.
Speakers: Lisa Thùy Dương Nguyễn, Debra Lý 
Moderator: Cindy Trần

Lisa Thùy Dương Nguyễn
Lisa T.D. Nguyen graduated from a Bachelor of Arts/Law (BA/LLB – 2005) and Master of Laws (LLM - 2009) from the University of Sydney. For the past 5 years, she has worked extensively on issues relating to refugee protection. In 2006, she volunteered at the Representative Office of the Vietnamese Community in Australia (VCA) as a legal representative, Office Manager and advocate for stateless Vietnamese people remaining in the Philippines. From 2007 and 2009, she was the Executive Director of VOICE (Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment) and worked on overseeing the resettlement of nearly 300 stateless Vietnamese in the Philippines to Canada. VOICE also had an office in Cambodia, providing social services for Vietnamese women and children who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation. In 2010, Lisa became the Executive Director of Senhoa, a non-profit social enterprise that supports victims of human trafficking in South East Asia. For her community service work, she was awarded the Order of Australia Association Medal for Community Services and Young Vietnamese Australian of the Year.

Debra Lý
Debra Ly graduated with a Bachelor of Education and began working with VOICE in 2009 as a volunteer at the Sen Non Lotus Blossom Preschool Program Facilitator. There Debra worked alongside at-risk young women teaching 3-5 year old children in a slum area in the outskirts of Siem Reap. Through this experience, her passion for education and humanitarian work revolutionized and returned to Senhoa Cambodia in 2010 as the Jewelry Program Manager to develop a comprehensive Life-Skills program for survivors of human-trafficking and vulnerable young women of the com- munity. Since then, she has stepped up to become the Country Director of Senhoa.

Cindy Tran
Cindy Tran graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology and Social Work at RMIT University in Melbourne in 2008. During her university years, she was an active member of the Vietnamese Students Association of Victoria and Australia, holding various committee positions and volunteered in many cultural, community and charity events. She has worked for two years at AMES in Victoria as a Research Project Officer contributing to qualitative research of the settlement of newly emerged communities in regional Victoria. She then took on the role of Case Manager, delivering intensive settlement support and case coordination for newly arrived refugees from Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. Currently Ms. Tran is travelling the world, living on peanuts and surfing the interwebs.