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Case studies from the Arab Spring

We have all been inspired by the changes sweeping Tunisia, Egypt and throughout the Arab world. Were these spontaneous uprisings or something more planned? How did people who lived under fear for decades finally alter the status quo? Hear the stories of the bloggers and activists who made it happen.
Speakers: Dalia Ziada, Daryn Cambridge
Moderator: Ngô Hoàng Quyên

Dalia Ziada
Dalia Ziada, Egyptian rights activist, blogger, laureate of Anna Lindh Euro- Mediterranean Journalist Award, published writer and poet, joined the American Islamic Congress (AIC) at the age of 25, as the founding director of its Middle East and North Africa bureau based in Cairo, Egypt. Ziada dedicates her life to promoting women rights, freedom of expression, and nonviolent action in her homeland, Egypt, and the whole Middle East.

Daryn Cambridge
Daryn Cambridge is a peace and nonviolence educator and trainer. He is an ad- junct professor at American University in Washington, DC where he teaches two courses: Peace Pedagogy and Education for International Development. Daryn has worked for several social justice and non-formal, experiential education or- ganizations, facilitating trainings and workshops for learners of all ages and from all across the world. He has done consulting work for organizations such as One World Education, One World Youth Project, LearnServe International, and the United States Association for the University for Peace. He served for three years as Assistant Director of the Democracy Matters Institute and then Director of Youth Programs at Common Cause, designing and facilitating trainings for youth and young adults on how to do grassroots organizing around pro-democracy issues. He has also been a Program Supervisor and Instructor with the Close Up Foundation – America’s largest civic education and engagement non-profit – where he taught civic engagement workshops for young people from all across the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, and Eurasia. He has also been a teacher for Putney Student Travel’s Excel Program at Amherst College and a consultant for Project Agape, the internet company that designed the Causes application on Facebook.

Ngô Hoàng Quyên
Quyen Ngo has been involved with the California Association of Student Councils (CASC), a non-profit organization which focuses on peer-to-peer leadership trai- ning and education policy under the National Leadership Institute (NLI), since 2001. She has served on the Board of Directors of CASC and received the highest level of training in the organization at its Advanced Skills Training in 2010. Aside from her work with CASC, Quyen is an AT&T New Media Fellow and student of Development Studies at Brown University and the former Urban Programming Di- rector, Minority News Features Producer, and slow jams DJ at 95.5 WBRU-fm, a Southern New England commercial radio station. Quyen also works on sound art installations and is currently in the production stage of a documentary on develop- ment in contemporary Vietnam. Quyen is currently a co-chair of the 6th Internatio- nal Vietnamese Youth Conference.