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Art for social change

Art and creative expression have deep roots in promoting social change. Across the world, young people are making statements that advocate for change through music, film, poetry, graffiti art and dance. Through art, we can express uncon- ventional opinions, spark new ideas and create visions that challenge many of society’s deepest assumptions. Learn how our panelists made conscious efforts to transform art and facilitate social change. This session will ask all attendees to take part in creating their own pieces of art.

Speaker: Kristine Sa Điều Hợp
Moderator: Lilly Ngọc Hiếu Nguyễn

Kristine Sa
Kristine Sa is a singer/songwriter known for her sultry voice and heartfelt lyrics. She is also loved for her young, bilingual, innovative hosting and producing style in weekly TV program ‘’Heart to Heart with Kristine Sa’’ on the leading Vietna- mese American television station, SBTN. With a current solo EP release, ‘’Lo- nely Asylum: The Demo Collection,’’ Kristine Sa’s Official Youtube channel, which features original music and exclusive interview clips, has now collected over 5 million total upload views and continues to grow. She has been known to publicly support various non-profit organizations including those fundraising for poverty relief in Vietnam, and those fighting against the trafficking of Vietnamese children into Cambodia for sex slavery. Previously, she has hosted and produced ‘’The Vietnamese in the Philippines to Canada. VOICE also had an office in Cambodia, providing social services for Vietnamese women and children who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation. In 2010, Lisa became the Executive Director of Senhoa, a non-profit social enterprise that supports victims of human trafficking in South East Asia. For her community service work, she was awarded the Order of Australia Association Medal for Community Services and Young Vietnamese Australian of the Year.

Lilly Ngọc Hiếu Nguyễn
Lilly has spent the last four years working as a Field Representative for Congresswo- man Loretta Sanchez. She is the Congresswoman’s leading field re¬presentative working for the Asian Pacific Islander community, focusing on issues relating to civil and human rights, housing, health care and media relations. Prior to her te- nure at the Congressional Office, Lilly was a community organizer at Working Par- tnerships USA/SouthBay Labor Council, a social change organization. There she worked with labor, faith and community groups to address issues directly affecting working families and advocates for the recognition and protection of labor rights. Lilly loves to serve the community and has been involved with various organiza- tions to sup¬port the struggle for social and economic justice in Vietnam.