Access Now! Digital Activism for Social Change

Dear Friends:

You are cordially invited to join us on a fascinating journey to the 6th International Vietnamese Youth Conference (DH6) hosted by the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network in Manila, Philippines from August 4-7, 2011. 

Eleven years after our inaugural conference in Melbourne, Australia, Len Duong continues to seek leaders who are passionate about the future of Vietnam and our people.

With the theme “Access Now! Digital Activism for Social Change,” our goals for DH6 are simple, but bold: to raise awareness of the diverse global interests of Vietnamese youths, to promote greater participation in the international dialogue, and to harness an innovative and digital future for greater social change in Vietnam.

The world witnessed the galvanizing effect of people power and digital activism in Tunisia and Egypt.  The activists in North Africa were not demanding freedom to access their Facebook accounts.  They were demanding social justice & civil liberties and they used access to the Internet to get there.

In Vietnam, students, activists, and ordinary citizens were quick to recognize the opportunities the internet has to offer for public debates and civic participation.  The Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network continues to be inspired by the power of social media to transform Vietnam and seek to have DH6 be the convergence point for civil society, citizen journalists, and activists.

Dai Hoi 6 will be an unforgettable experience and a life-long inspiration, so join us as we embark on this incredible journey. We hope to see you in the Philippines in August 2011!


Organizing Committee
The 6th International Vietnamese Youth Conference


About Len Duong  International Vietnamese Youth Network:

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The Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network was founded in 1999 at our inaugural conference in Melbourne, Australia by students and youth leaders across all 5 continents with a passion for a better Vietnam. Len Duong is proud of our progress in providing a deeper understanding on Vietnam human rights issues as we continue to advocate for social justice.  Our goals are to:

1. To connect Vietnamese youths across the 5 continents to consciously raise awareness of our responsibilities and cultural identity thus enabling us to work towards the humanitarian needs of mankind, promoting human rights and democracy throughout the world and within Vietnam.

2. To create a network of organizations and individuals across 5 continents to  share ideas, exchange knowledge as well as assisting each other.

3. To encourage interaction, participation, and activism on projects that aims at benefiting Vietnam, locally and humanity at large.