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Make a donation to the Dai Hoi 6 Scholarship Fund!

Dear Dai Hoi Alumni and Supporters!
Do you remember that moment when you felt a common bond with hundreds of strangers and new friends, all connected by the desire and passion to do something for Vietnam? Do you remember your own Dai Hoi experience and how it has inspired you and your work? Do you believe the future of Vietnam is created by the actions of the youth of today?
We hope that you decide to sponsor our emerging student leaders and community activists who are seeking that same contagious inspiration that had impacted your life.
While all attendees will pay their share of the registration fee, many will find the transportation costs to the Philippines difficult to afford. Any contributions in any amount, be it $20, $200 or $2000, to the Dai Hoi 6 Scholarship Fund would be greatly appreciated.
The sponsorship can be personalized and designated for Dai Hoi delegates from your region. Delegates will be asked to apply for the scholarship and are awarded based on merit.
For more information or questions, please e-mail us at daihoi6@lenduong.net.
To Donate:
Please make checks payable to “Len Duong Foundation” 
In the memo field, note “Dai Hoi 6 Scholarship Fund” and mail it to:
Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network
56 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Please let us know if you would like your name to be listed on the "Proud DH6 Sponsor" page.

You can also donate online using the PayPal button below.
Thank you for your time and generous contributions!


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