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Why Manila?

posted Apr 14, 2011, 9:12 PM by Len Duong
During the height of the movement, an estimated one to three million people
filled EDSA from Ortigas Avenue all the way to Cubao (Erik De Castro / Reuters / Corbis)

Dear friends, 

You maybe asking yourself, why Manila? The Philippines is a fascinating, historical, and inspirational location for DH6 and we pay homage to the country’s 25th anniversary of People Power. As we honor the past and look to the digital future, we are inspired by the power of ordinary citizens and what social media can do to bring about change.   

DH6 promises to be a convergence of the grassroots and the digital, inspiration and action. With this in mind, we are proud to start announcing speakers of DH6, all visionaries in their field.

With such great company in Manila, how can you say no? Come join us!

People Power
In February 1986, “People Power” caught the world’s attention and entered everyone’s vocabulary. The movement started on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Manila, and was a four-day non-violent mass demonstration where more than a million people gathered to demand for change. Despite the fear for their security, their lives, and their future, the people stood defiant in the face of corruption and oppression. It was an empowering demonstration that aimed to succeed peacefully without tolerance for violence and bloodshed. “People Power” was considered an inspiration for the wind of change that ended the communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe in 1989.

The Philippines is a success story in what the power of the people can do. A country transformed, the Philippines offers great lessons for others who strive to build momentum towards change.

This is our chance! Thế Kỷ Này là Thế Kỷ Của Chúng Ta!