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Tips for booking your trip to DH6!

posted Jun 4, 2011, 3:39 PM by Len Duong
So you’ve registered for DH6 and just need to book your flights. June is the best month to book flights for an August travel date. We’re here to help: follow these easy tips and you’ll be globe-trotting in no time! 

Before we start - here are some travel guidelines to keep in mind: 

DH6’s program starts on the afternoon of August 4. At the latest, plan to fly into the Philippines by the morning of the 4th, no later than noon. This will give you time to get to the conference site and check-in. Best to fly in on August 3rd or earlier, to help your body acclimate. You don’t want to be sleeping during opening ceremony on Thursday! 

DH6’s program ends on the afternoon of August 7. If you’re not staying in Philippines to soak in on the tours, please plan to fly out of Manila airport after 6pm. This should give you ample time say your goodbyes and head to the airport.  Those traveling from North America or Europe should build at least 1 day into their travel plans; the Philippines is on the other side of the world and will take at least 20 hours to fly there. 

DH6 staff will provide for all in-country transportation from airport to the conference site. When you’ve booked your flight, send your itinerary to

Entry or exit requirement: the Philippines does not require a Visa. 

As always, we’re available online (almost) 24/7 on Skype daihoi6, GChat, or almost as fast on email. 

Tip 1: Use airfare aggregators and sign up for price alerts
Airfare aggregators does just that: they are huge search engines that aggregate airline prices. Most offer an alert service if you give them your email address. I was able to book my $1300 RT flight from Washington, DC because Kayak sent me a price alert of a dip in prices with Delta. 

Excellent aggregators:

Booking companies:

Once you see an amazing deal, go directly to the that airline to buy that same itinerary. Sometimes booking directly with the airline will reduce the surcharges tackled on. 

Tip 2: When searching, be flexible with your dates
Most, if not all, search engines allow for you to search for dates on a flexible time, within a window of +/- 1-3 days

Tip 3: Be flexible with your departure airport
If you live in or near a major city, most likely you’ll have 1-3 airports that serves your community. When searching online, also click on “search surrounding airports” to get the best deals. 

Tip 4: Take advantage of airline’s sales to Southeast Asia
Air Asia (for Australia) 
Malaysia Airlines 
Philippine Airlines 
United Airways 

Tip 5: Timing is key
Airlines start discounting 3.5 months before departure; shopping for flights too early or too late will yield high prices; other sources say the best time is 2 months before departure

The following tips apply to domestic US flights; but may still be applicable, especially if you’re flying out of the US:
When you search for airfares also affects the prices. The best time is 3:00pm EST Tuesdays. And most of these discounts are pulled by Thursday
The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays.

Tip 6: Use your miles! 
If you’ve been racking up miles, time to turn them in. Call your customer service representative for your airlines and see if a deal can be struck for you to turn in your miles. 

Tip 7: Travel with a group
If traveling with a group, it may be cheaper to book individual tickets separately. Details:

Tip 8: When in doubt, use a travel agent
You’d be surprise the great deals a professional travel agent may offer to you, especially if you’re a multiple destination travel hitting up on other countries in Southeast Asia after DH6. Take advantage of their advice and let them do the worrying.