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The stories and faces behind “Be Plus”

posted May 23, 2011, 9:44 PM by Len Duong   [ updated May 23, 2011, 9:50 PM ]
Among the list of DH6 speakers is a familiar name: Nguyen Thuy Duong. An alumnus of DH2 in Paris and DH4 in Sydney, Thuy Duong joined us in Malaysia as a speaker for VOICE. With a wealth of experience in humanitarian work Thuy Duong joins us again at DH6 in the workshop Charity 2.0: Going Beyond Giving. 

I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending a number of Dai Hoi conferences. And I give my Dai Hoi experience a “Be Plus”.
Be educated. Be inspired. Be the voice. Be the Change.
And “Plus”? Well, in chronological order, the Dai Hoi experience is: Plus Facebook spams. Plus credit card debts (Melbourne, Paris, California, Sydney, Malaysia and now Manila!!!???!!!) Plus fun. Plus crazy parties. Plus “whatever happens at Dai Hoi stays at Dai Hoi”. Plus lifelong friendships. Plus incredible memories. Plus once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!
So there you have it - my Dai Hoi experience: “Be Plus”.

Throughout our “Be Plus” trailer, you’ll see faces and activities from all Dai Hoi taken place across 4 countries. From camping in San Diego at DH3, to exploring culinary wonders in Kuala Lumpur, to hanging out with visionary change-makers in Paris, Dai Hoi brought together Vietnamese youths from around the world and turned their passions into action. 

DH6 in the Philippines will be no different. So - where will YOU be this summer? Join us @DH6!