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ANH OI + DH6 FUNDRAISER = It's a Nguyen Nguyen Situation for YOU!

posted May 16, 2011, 8:48 PM by Len Duong   [ updated May 16, 2011, 8:52 PM ]

ANH OI + DH6 Fundraiser
ANH OI, the #1 Vietnamese American Apparal brand of witty and trendy designs, has partnered with the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network to help youth leaders attend the 6th International Vietnamese Youth Conference in Manila.
Proceeds from each item sold via ANH OI’s online portal at will go towards DH6 delegates. Best of all, delegates can raise funds towards their own travel cost and conference fees, based on their creativity and needs.

How does it work?
Each DH6 delegate can sign up for this opportunity by emailing ANH OI & Len Duong will issue you a referral code that is uniquely yours. Pass the referral code to your buddies, family, your VSA, church group, everyone and their mothers.
Anytime anyone purchases an item via and uses your referral code upon check-out, 35% of that sale’s proceeds are yours! Easy!
Say your sister buys two t-shirt, one for her boyfriend and one for herself, listed as $20 each on and uses your referral code. Bingo! You get $14 ($20 x 35% x 2). Now if you have seven sisters…you get the point.

I’m not a sales man/woman. How can I boost my sales?
Use your digital networking skills!  Post your referral code on your status. You might want to create a Facebook event and invite everyone you know.
You can be as creative as you want and use ANH OI’s existing logos and pictures online or create your own poster ad.
You don’t have to go door to door. Hit groups of people – make an announcement at your VSA event, or in Vietnamese class or at your church picnic.
Enlist your family and friends to pass the word. Have fun with it! 

How will I get the money?
ANH OI & Len Duong will tally up your portion of each sale and cut you a check for the money you raised upon your arrival at DH6.

Who can participate and when can I start?
You can participate by signing up with ANH OI & Len Duong. Just email with your name and contact info. We will email you a unique referral code and you can start right away. This fundraising opportunity runs all the way through July 2011. Because Anh OI supports the goals of this DH to bring together and inspire Vietnamese youth leaders, this fundraising opportunity is only open to DH6 attendees.